English 10/13 (7/15)


  1. Lecture: Timeline
  2. Lecture: Historical Period
  3. Epic: from Beowulf, Part I


  1. Epic: from Beowulf, Part II


  1. Epic: from Beowulf, Part III
  2. Topic Test
  3. Epic: from Book 22: The Death of Hector part 1
  4. Lecture: Introduction


  1. Poem: The Seafarer
  2. Poem: The Wanderer
  3. Poem: The Wife’s Lament
  4. Topic Test


  1. Communication: Interview
  2. Word Analysis
  3. Grammar: Verb Tense Consistency


  1. The Writing Process
  2. Topic Test
  3. Lecture: Historical Period
  4. Narrative Poem: The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales
  5. Narrative Poem: from The Pardoner’s Tale
  6. Narrative Poem: from The Wife of Bath’s Tale
  7. Topic Test
  8. Short Story: Federigo’s Falcon from the Decameron
  9. Lecture: Arthurian Legends
  10. Romance Narrative: from Le Morte d’Arthur
  11. Romantic Narrative: from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  12. Topic Test
  13. Communication: Special Occasion Speech
  14. Effective Group Work
  15. Grammar: Capitalization
  16. Grammar: Dangling Modifiers
  17. Writing: The Six-Traits
  18. Topic Test
  19. Lecture: Timeline
  20. Lecture: Historical Period
  21. Poem: The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
  22. Poem: The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepard
  23. Sonnet: Sonnet 18
  24. Sonnet: Sonnet 73
  25. Topic Test
  26. Poem: A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning
  27. Poem: On My First Son
  28. Essay: Of Studies
  29. Speech: A message to her army at Tilbury on the eve of the Spanish Armada, 1588
  30. Debate: from Female Orations
  31. Psalm: Psalm 23 and Psalm 137
  32. Topic Test
  33. Communication: Impromptu Speech
  34. Grammar: Active-Voice Verbs and Passive-Voice Verbs
  35. Grammar: Transitions - Connecting Ideas
  36. Writing: Essay - Descriptive
  37. Topic Test
  38. Lecture: Renaissance Theater
  39. Lecture: William Shakespeare
  40. Drama: Act I - Macbeth
  41. Drama: Act II - Macbeth
  42. Drama: Act III - Macbeth
  43. Drama: Act IV - Macbeth
  44. Drama: Act V - Macbeth
  45. Topic Test
  46. Writing: Essay - Reporting Literary Research
  47. Cumulative Exam

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Things I need to get from Walmart

  • Deodorant
  • some gel?
  • boxers
  • lady things
  • some body spray
  •  THINGS TO MAKE STP??? (medical spoon?? tiny turky baster like thing..)
  • pant??
  • short??
  • more shirt??
  • yeah

I guess coming out to my mom went better than I hoped for?


I guess coming out to my mom went better than I hoped for?


after a long time of not knowing what to do, my therapist advised I come out to my grandma BEFORE I move out there. And tonight I did. it took so much to be able to tell her that I wanted to undergo Hormone Replacement Therapy. She told me that regardless of what gender I wanted to be, or who I changed to that won’t change the fact that she still loves me and that she’ll talk to my great grandma for me. she told me that if I still wanted to move there that I could and no one would think any less of me for changing my gender. I’ve never been so happy to have family there to support me. After so long of being terrified that they wouldnt want me once I told them it feels amazingto have her support my decision