Sociology 4/15


  1. Examining Social Life
  2. Sociology: Then and Now


  1. The Meaning of Culture
  2. Cultural Variation


  1. The American Value System


  1. Social Control
  2. Social Change
  3. Topic Test
  4. Building Blocks of Social Structure
  5. Types of Social Interaction
  6. Types of Societies
  7. Groups within Society
  8. The Structure of Formal Organizations
  9. Topic Test
  10. Personality Development
  11. The Social Self
  12. Agents of Socialization
  13. Topic Test
  14. Adolescence in Our Society
  15. Teenagers and Dating
  16. Challenges of Adolescence
  17. Topic Test
  18. Early and Middle Adulthood
  19. The World of Work
  20. The Later Years
  21. Topic Test
  22. Deviance
  23. Crime
  24. Systems of Stratification
  25. The American Class Systems
  26. Poverty
  27. Topic Test
  28. Cumulative Exam

Economics Schedule below the cut 3/15

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English Schedule below the cut 2/15

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Things I need to get from Walmart

  • Deodorant
  • some gel?
  • boxers
  • lady things
  • some body spray
  •  THINGS TO MAKE STP??? (medical spoon?? tiny turky baster like thing..)
  • pant??
  • short??
  • more shirt??
  • yeah

I guess coming out to my mom went better than I hoped for?


I guess coming out to my mom went better than I hoped for?


after a long time of not knowing what to do, my therapist advised I come out to my grandma BEFORE I move out there. And tonight I did. it took so much to be able to tell her that I wanted to undergo Hormone Replacement Therapy. She told me that regardless of what gender I wanted to be, or who I changed to that won’t change the fact that she still loves me and that she’ll talk to my great grandma for me. she told me that if I still wanted to move there that I could and no one would think any less of me for changing my gender. I’ve never been so happy to have family there to support me. After so long of being terrified that they wouldnt want me once I told them it feels amazingto have her support my decision 

History plans for this week under the cut 1/15

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coming out to family speech thing below the cut 

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I really wish I knew more about finance bc according to google, the average chest surgery is roughly 6k 

but before taxes If I work a job with the average minimum wage $7.40 then I should be able to get it within 4 months from when I get a job…

but thats only if I don’t spend, obviously it’ll take longer since I’ll be paying my grandparents some rent, and food money, and things like that.